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Polidano Press Ltd Malta

POLIDANO PRESS LTD is a full service commercial print shop that specialises in quality and quick delivery. With a family tradition of hard work and commitment to excellence, this enterprise has grown from a small printing outlet to a modest-sized activity. The setup is located in the Luqa Industrial Estate, very near to Malta International airport.


From the minute you walk through the doors of PPL, you know who we are and what we do.

PPL focuses on servicing the printing needs of small to large companies. Our clients share the need for excellence and attention to detail in production and delivery of their product.
The company is well known and respected for its outstanding quality, customer service and its commitment to the environment and has become synonymous with quality products and an outstanding clientele. It achieved success and a fine reputation by providing excellent printing through a real concern for its customers.


The key sources of competitive advantages of PPL are:

  • A family tradition for quality, efficient service and personal individual attention

  • Output volume flexibility in design, product type and volume

  • Very short lead times

  • Continuous investment in new technology

  • Careful cost control operations

The services provided include artwork origination, prepress, printing and Post-Press. Meticulous care and attention is given to every job, no matter the size.

With over 32 years of printing experience, PPL is taking its activity from strength to strength. We take pride in our work,  helping clients to create an image from the beginning of an idea, right through to the final result. With a wealth of industry experience, a broad portfolio of professional contacts, and clients ranging from small businesses to larger groups, we are in a well-informed position to match up and deliver a quality result at the right price.
Call us now. We're only a phone call away.

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Aldo is the Managing Director of Polidano Press Limited, that offers quality printing services to all types of businesses. During his 25-year journey within the company, Aldo has worked hands-on within several departments, including graphic design, prepress, offset printing and binding. Over the years, this exposure to the various skills has taught him how to handle challenges when managing a printing press.


Aldo’s work ethic is second to none and always stresses that the work standard should never be compromised. He feels privileged that he got to experience first hand the exceptional and impressive progress of this intriguing trade through his father’s experience, hence moving forward to the second generation in business.


Alfred Polidano set up Polidano Press Ltd in 1988. In 1963, still at a young age, he entered the amazing world of Printing as an apprentice with an established firm, and worked as a printer and a die (block) maker. When Offset Printing was introduced in Malta, he was given the role to head and run the Pre-Press Department which he managed until he left in 1980.  He later set up a partnership with an advertising agency and headed Pal Press Limited for eight years.
In 1988, he took a calculated risk and gambled his savings to purchase machinery and some paper stock, and set up a printing shop in the garage adjacent to his house in Qormi. With such humble beginnings, a lot of perseverance and a lot of support from his wife Carmen, he started producing high quality artworks and printing, that attracted new discerning clients who were after individual attention, excellent detail in production and respected lead times.
Over 32 years (3 decades), PPL has achieved tremendous growth and today it’s one of the leading printing presses in Malta. Alfred handed over his position to his son Aldo in 2019.

Alfred Polidano | Polidano Press Ltd

We are dedicated to provide all clients with a high level of service by delivering

high quality offset, digital and large format printing within a tight time frame.


Recently, a complete renovation of the Pre-Press Department including innovative chemistry free equipment kept  the environmental momentum charged. Further actions, such as changing to vegetable based inks, extending recycling and disposal applications, and the addition of a digital press have proven excellent decisions for the earth.

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